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    This page was created as a holder spot for the United States Commissary-Dhaka (USCOM). It is not the official website of USCOM.

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A Note about this Site

This site was created as a courtesy to the United States Commissary-Dhaka (USCOM) by the AEA Portal Network. The information below is based on Post Reports.

About the AEA Portal Network

ServicesDeposits and FeesContact Number

Services Provided:

  • Full commissary operations
  • Sale of U.S. postage stamps


Temporary (TDYers & Interns): USD 100

Type Details Duration Cost
Full (Single) Deposit Once $250
Full (Family) Deposit Once $350
TCD (Single) Deposit Once $300
TCD (Family) Deposit Once $400
Affiliate – AIS/D – Single Deposit Once $250
Affiliate – AIS/D – Family Deposit Once $350
TDY and Interns Deposit Once $100

Manager’s Phone Number: (880)(2) 8822135

This is only a holder website. Please contact AEA Portal for information about website services.